The Arborage - AMENITIES

The Arborage at Brentville International Community was heavily blessed with Filinvest’s generosity. World class amenities and facilities were provided for each cluster of the villages within Brent. 

These include: 

Fully Guarded Main Entrance: Brentville’s main entrance going to its villages has one of the strictest Security Monitoring plans in the country. Full documentation of incoming and outgoing cars and persons are fully logged and counter-checked with residents. Apart from the main entrances, strategic places are often checked by Security Personnel who man the safety of the entire premises. 

Tree-lined Streets: Trees are the best coolants that can substantially decrease temperature and provide massive conduciveness of the surroundings. With Brent’s natural vegetation, every resident can enjoy a cool and refreshing environment every single day. 

Perimeter Fences: These walls establish the exclusivity of the entire village. These walls serve as security walls day-in and out. These walls are also being randomly checked by security personnel. 

Main Clubhouse: This is one of the best clubhouses in Southern Luzon. And yes, this is to serve the needs of the residents. Gladly to diffuse usage, each village cluster such as the Arborage is assigned with its own clubhouse. One of the most generous acts of Filinvest thus far. 

Infinity Pool: Pools are great socialization venues for neighbors, at times just to meet and greet, make simple acquaintances or renew old ties. These individual village pools are also great venues for families to spend their weekends because most children love water. No need to travel somewhere else. 

Basketball Court: Boys and men doesn’t have to stay out late to look for friends or venues to enjoy their favorite sports – basketball. From here on and moving forward, they can enjoy playing unlimited times within the safe grounds of The Arborage. This is also a great place for boys and men alike to socialize, make new friends and bond with their old friends. 

Tennis Court: For tennis enthusiasts, now is your time to shine. Within the safe grounds of The Arborage, you can play your favorite sports, unlimited. Meet new friends who love the same sports within the village. 

Children’s Playground: Kids are often brought somewhere else to spend time playing, in malls, in relatives’ house, at times out of town. With our own children’s park and playground, your kids need not go anywhere to enjoy their school off days. Right here, safer than anywhere else. 

Viewing Deck: Anyone can enjoy a beautiful visual treat of Laguna’s best natural backdrop. The viewing deck is your free window towards a better outlook of the entire Brentville and the green mountains of the south. 

Jogging Trail: These are well-maintained for those who want to enjoy their usual morning ritual. Safe and clean to use any time of the day. 

Cluster Cabanas & Gazebos with Comfort Rooms: Cabanas for weekend campouts within village grounds are available for residents to use. Gazebos are also perfect for those who mostly want to enjoy solitary moments with nature all over. 

Manmade Lagoon Park: This is one of the best attraction within the village. You and your family are treated free, all day long, to a lagoon resembling that of a theme park. A great way to introduce children towards loving nature and water creatures like fishes.

  • Main Clubhouse - Infinity pool
  • Kiddie pool
  • Basketball court
  • Tennis court
  • Children's playground
  • Administration office
  • View Deck
  • Pantry room
  • Jogging trail
  • Cluster cabanas
  • Park and Playground
  • Man-made Lagoon Park
  • Gazebo with comfort rooms,
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